Another Sarv’swati line Vel’sharen


10 Responses to Niro’ga and Kicker

  1. Runes says:

    Haha, she looks totally adorable. Almost too adorable to be Sarv’s daughter XD And that dragon is hilarious <3 Interesting colour it has, too!

  2. Smokehammer says:

    Looks like a son to me, a son with his ears dyed orange. This is gonna be fun, all that speculation that Sarv had the mad hard-asses and it ends up she’s got the goofy side of the family everybody wishes didnt exist. Bwahahah! That would be so awesome. Nice to see a dragon with some personality too.

  3. Runes says:

    If that’s a guy, he has the most adorable male haircut in the comic XD

  4. Tamato (waffleferret) says:

    who ever they are I bet there the loser of Sarv’s line xD

  5. Smokehammer says:

    Yeah maybe his hair style is a lil feminine, but he’s got pretty masculine proportions other wise. And I hope he’s not a loser, just eccentric.

  6. Starlitdragon says:

    I would go Sharen just for him. <3 He's so adorkable. I love Kicker's design too. They look like a fun bunch, I'm really liking the lights reflecting off of Kicker's headplate. Really nice festival lighting. Kicker is so Team Slytherin.. *mistaken for hamburger*

  7. Whizzard says:

    @ Kicker:

    Sporting a fancy scarf, eh? =D

    It’s actually first dragon that I like, they typically just look like black or gray lizards. ^^

  8. Junglefowl26 says:

    I would if s/he will cross paths with another named dragon knight.

    Sorry Kicker, but no one has invented hamburgers yet.

  9. Kirik says:

    So a son or a duaghter?
    Really it’s hard to tell with such hairstyle and of course not seeing armor completely up front or what’s under it…
    But the dragon is adorable :D
    Seeing a female dragon rider would be cool.
    We have already a guy Souta from Zal line.

  10. Durlyn says:

    I wonder if this guy has alot of trouble keeping his hungry dragon under control often XD