Mikilu was the only one ever designed, but there are more overseer. Obviously those who remain would be Sharen centric. And this is one of them. A daughter of Sarv’swati, who so far, really was lacking in familly member. I have 2 more of her familly to design for the chapter i’m working on.


12 Responses to Vidhi’yani Vel’sharen

  1. Maria says:

    I love her design~Love Sarv’swati too~ Can’t wait to see her aughter in the following chapters.

  2. Roses Ablaze says:

    Wonder if she knows who the real culprits behind the Nidraa’chal coup are?

  3. Starlitdragon says:

    I like how her shiny, shiny clothes are somewhat related to Mikilu, yet totally Sarv’swati. That highlight on her shoulders is awesome. Cool design! (And nice lighting/textures on the background).

  4. /// says:

    Is she wearing her sword upside down?

    The katana is worn with the edge of the blade facing up, which allowed the user to draw and cut their enemy in a single motion.
    And Imperial overseers need faster response times.

  5. Junglefowl26 says:

    Oh, that was the Overseer uniform. I thought it was just Mikilu’s style. None of the other royal gaurdsmen seemed to dress similarly to one another.

  6. Kirik says:

    Wow, my favourite Sharen so far looking just for design, love her look, also her having two blades adds massively to her cool factor!

    I wonder if a Beld was her father…

  7. Runes says:

    Cool! I was wondering when we’d see more of Sarv’s family. I was starting to think that Zala had single-handedly populated the entire Sharen clan ^^ I like her outfit!

  8. Shynt says:

    Woo, she looks awesome… and YAY! More of Sarv’s line! Though she looks kinda snooty, she looks pretty too. Typical for Sarv’swati’s family I guess.

  9. Alric says:

    Nice that we’re seeing more of Sarv’svati’s immediate family. The clothing is really similar to Milkilu’s…I’m guessing that the veil and the rest are some sort of Overseer uniform.

  10. Sonor Val'Illhar'dro says:

    I wonder where her loyalties lie…to Sarv or to Diva.

  11. Moatl says:

    I Am Sorry, But …

    to call the costume of of Vidhi an uniform in comparison with the dress of Mikilu is clearly enough. There are only two possibilities in my opinion:
    1) Vidihi is only a marionette of the Nidraa’chal
    2) Vidhi is a Nidraa’chal
    Mikilu never eve was joint to the Nidraa’chal in any way; that’s clear enough! For me it seems more that Vidhi is an »ALookALike« to Mikilu so that nobody entertains suspicion. I am not blaming Vidhi this moment…

  12. Smokehammer says:

    Tachi were worn slung down (the old school, somewhat longer, more regal form of the Katana). Considering she may be the eldest granddaughter of Diva, that she would wear her swords in the ancient fashion is just mad attention to detail. And hell yeah more Sarv in the near future. Man, I cant wait.