Daydream archive 3 gave the chance to play around with undesired factions of the major clans. One concept that i tried to push forward is the sullissin’rune traditionalist. As shown in moonless age, their clan was defeated early in Chel history, becoming a subserviant to the Sharen. In turn they managed to prosper by not getting involved in war any longer. Becoming pacifist , so to speak.
But no group of individual is ever perfectly united. The reverse of a pacifist in their case would be individual finding pride in their long history and in the art of war. Those would be seen as traditionalist living in the past. Tanavya in daydream is one of them.

If they look to the past, i am sure those individual would try follow old fashion sense as well. I imagine they would be brightly adorned like their dokkalfar ancestors would be. I don’t think i can even do something brightly colored enough to represent them properly at the moment. Above is my attempt.


10 Responses to Sullissin’rune traditionalist

  1. Roses Ablaze says:

    Neat! It’s always cool to see ideas from Daydream migrate to canon (or even semi-canon, as this appears to be).

  2. Siv'Wilroz says:


  3. Durlyn says:

    I thought that first Sullisin girl Mel met before was the Traditionalist? Regardless, very nice look for her :D

  4. Smokehammer says:

    I noticed that Tav paints her face to go into battle, but Ashi and Sal seem to wear their “war paint” all the time. I assumed they were tattoos, but I wonder are they? And if so, do the Sullis have to pass some rite to have their war paint made permanent or is it just personal choice?

  5. Junglefowl26 says:

    I had a feeling there were some Sullissin’rune with some fight left in them. The guards if no one else.

    Plus, diversifying factions with sub-factions like this is always good for a feeling of verisimilitude. I wonder if they are any other groups like this: snobbish Sarghress, egalitarian Sharen, agnostic Kyrol….

  6. Smokehammer says:

    I think the agnostic Kyrol are the snobbish Sarghress.

  7. Gerardo says:

    Every Sarghress is an snob, they dont have anything noble in them but still act like they are better than the decadent nobility, as some Syphile said Quintana is not better than the Sharens. Sarghress is a big disapointment of a clan, It was a clan of warriors till Quin started to care more about the wars and defeating the Sharen than the Troops, She would go down in a second without Kelnoz.

  8. Gerardo says:

    Im telling you Quintana is like a Drow version of Napoleon!

  9. Sonor Val'Illhar'dro says:

    Oooh! I would love to see more traditionalists. Would traditionalists in the major clans treasure their dokkalfar ancestry and dark elves?

  10. Roses Ablaze says:

    I think the agnostic Kyorl are the Dutan’vir.