Be forwarned that the design is up for change at any time and does not represent their culture.
Mid chapter 2 there was a creature that was introduced as “northern orc”. An unfortunate filler name for a concept of creature that had to fill a specific need in the world setting as well as an ecology. Years pass, the setting is constantly being updated with more details. “orc”, just like many other names was dropped. We don’t have to use a lord of the ring term , we don’t have to have them green. There’s no Saruman(SP?) creating them to destroy the one ring. So when the opportunity came to give an exotic creature to that soul seeker curently shown in moonless age, i took that chance to re-introduce the specy.

The old world already came to an end twice, giving us the opportunity of making diverse branchs of each race. Each time the world recover, survivors evolved new species. This is one specy which already have 2 cousins. one of them, the small, squashed, flat head kotorcs(i know, the name suck) was already introduced in the remake of chapter 4. These were omnivore and easy to train. Feed them scraps and they’ll do fine as Chelian’s slaves. But i needed a specy that live up in the nothern part of the continent, one that would be rare in the underworld due to it’s need to eat only meat. The result is the Noz tribes. Nomadic tribes that follow seasonal foods across the vast plains and riverlands. An agressive people that is hard to train. Tall, strong, few in number but quite a threat to any civilisations who tried to re-settle the old world. Not much of a concern to Chelian at the moment, it is unlikely the readers of moonless age will see them anytime soon.
There are more races that need re-introduction, or even a first time introduction. If they appear in the comic, i’ll try to give additional details in the news. As Kite want to make a new world setting database. The old wiki will be put to rest.


10 Responses to Noz

  1. Starlitdragon says:

    They have neckfur…! <3

    Approval. :3

  2. 3Power says:

    For the record, Saruman created the uruk-hai, not the orcs.

  3. Sonor Val'Illhar'dro says:

    Hurrah! Hurrah! Worldsetting updates!

  4. Duke says:

    It looks like a more humanoid gnoll.

    3Power’s right. He created the uruk-hai to take the Ring and bring it back to him.

    The Orcs were elves that had been captured by Morgoth and buried in a pit for thousands of years.

  5. Razara says:

    I’ve generally never been fond of orc races, but these seem pretty neat!

    A new World Settings database would be wonderful! I’d be interested to see how it differs from the information in the old one.

  6. VIlx- says:

    Heh, and all this time I thought it was just an unwashed feral. :P

  7. Finn MacCool says:

    by the way, the singular of “species” is “species” as well. *ducks*

  8. Durlyn says:

    awww, they’re so cute! >8D

    I like this new spin on orcs, makes them more unique and different from the Lord of the Ring style orcs one usually sees.

  9. Gerardo says:

    There is a good reason to have LOTR terms, Tolkien was an academic and based their races in anglo saxon folk tales. Is not like he invented orcs, and wel its all right to make new races and play darwin but I dont want people go “orcs are so last year”. But is a good clean of image of a race that is suposed to be a reminisence of an uncivilized neanderthal

  10. Junglefowl26 says:

    Ooohhh…I live for world setting information. (That and anything to do with Stone Company, which admittedly covers a lot of world setting).

    Hear I thought that the Kotorc were the smarter, more humanoid orcs seen in the most prominent orc at the Black Dragon, and the rest were Noz, but apparently they were all Kotorc. Lots of variation in the species then.

    I also thought the Noz in the comic was a feral…I know Kotorcs are related to humans, but the hair and body structure of the Noz are feral like…perhaps even feral and humans are related, if distantly?

    Regardless, very interesting, so thanks for the background info!