Freezing cold every weeks lately. We bunkered up and faced our daily work but unfortunately failed to meet the challenge in full. Updates are still terribly slow and the new web site is a month late. Heres a proof it is coming however:

Trying to summarize down dt landscapes and character into something neutral yet recognizable was a challenge. The time for one update sank into this piece alone. I hope i can give concrete progress by the next news update. Especially as Daydream site upgrade is also getting pressing.

Obligatory Bean tax . The quality of the work displeases the void bean.


3 Responses to Hell froze over

  1. Dorplgg says:

    So I’ve been reading Drowtales for a while now, and while rereading chapter 4 I kinda of realized something.

    Sene’kha needed Discordia to lure the Demon God too Kharla’ggen. That means Discordia is SUPER important.

    So why was Discordia being kept as a gladiator in the arena at the Black Dragon place? Wouldn’t it have been better to just keep her somewhere at the Vloz’ress fortress? The whole reason why Discordia got out was because she was at the Black Dragon in the first place, and with how important she was to Sene’kha’s plans, I just don’t think it was a good idea to do that.

    So, any reason why? And sorry if this isn’t where you’re supposed to post questions like this. Not really sure where to do that.

    In best regards

    • Vilx- says:

      There’s a lively Discord server out there for questions like these! Link’s on the front page, although it’s misleadingly named “Forum”. (It used to be a phpBB forum, but times changed)

    • Kern says:

      damn you’re far back. Vilx is right, come over the discord to discuss these things. But to answer the question quickly : The shards were scattered, she could not know where one would end up without searching for it.