A new year and half way through the epilogues. So soon we will begin something new and i fear i’m not ready. Too little time, too much to do! December has been a distracting month thats for sure , one plagued with severe art anxiety. I’m hoping that tomorrow with GDQ marathon running all week i’ll be able to recenter myself. This new web site cannot wait any longer.

That said, here is the compilation of what i thought were the best piece for each month of 2021. I think there was an improvement this year.

2020 for comparaison below
The animations. Fewer in number as we’ve skipped the weekly challenges.
The one commission kite and i worked on together. Because of this its certainly pushing our normal level of details.

and to finish, two photo of Bean, one of last summer foster cat, a little bundle of love to keep us sane in this cold winter season. Always there when we draw, sometime doing his best to be in the way of said drawing!


2 Responses to New Year 2022

  1. smokehammer says:

    I like the extra detail in the combo piece. I bet it took forever in comparison to your normal commissions, but it looks awesome.

    Did you foster fail the Mr bean? (He looks like he could be my foster fail Oahu’s brother -not color wise alone, but facial feature wise as well.)

    PS – I think I d be more worried if you werent nervous about starting something new. Its got to be close to loosing your job level anxiety to start a new project after having worked on Drowtales for so many years. You’ll kick ass though, you have one of the most frighteningly solid work ethics Ive ever seen, and well you did it once with a hell of a lot less know how.