Its that time of the year! Holidays are upon us and Lordpanther is sponsoring another edition of the holiday stream where 4 of us, darkvolt, mau, i and Kite will be taking your requests from 2pm onward until we feel like we’ve taken enough. How to get yours? simply come to after 2pm east. And let the master of ceremony know what you want and preferably from who. If an artist is too busy it will go to the next available artist. It is limite to one character per request , one request per person.

Now for the news. Artists have their high, and their low. For me and many other these come in wave. After months of hard daily work to push my craft i’m afraid that i wavered at the end of animation month. I did not complete the big music video, nor the game. And the new site background is not finished either. My down coincidence unfortunately with the ones of many of my close artists friends. You could say we inspired each other when times are good. Of course it did not help that FF14’s new expension came out at the start of december following this, giving me an escape. Is the escape good? I do not know for sure. But my output is certainly low in the last few weeks. We did skip an update altogether to take a few days to enjoy the videogame release, and for that i apologize. There is an irony that i will be working during the holidays but not for a game release. Though something to keep in mind is that a lot of our friends are deeply invested in that game as well, making it an event to share with the community. Meanwhile family’s holidays gathering in this post covid world is… complicated. May your own break this month be a good one.

There it is, completion of my animation month challenge. Ending with a live2d facerig of Momo. She was much harder to make than the purple cat one i used on stream , which i had to stop as well. Perhap once Hel begins i will find the strenght to resume weekly streams.

The big commission done with Kite for Niel

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