No progress on 3d learning, some progress on the revision of the web site thanks to Vilx, one step forward with game engine as an attempt at html5 mini game was put up on Daydream however there is a glitch that prevents the cursor from being replaced

Html5 is possible, however it’ll need the web site to be prepared for it. I have another experiment planned for daydream this month, likely to go in combo with the animation challenge; The daily animation continues with no missed days yet. I’m glad to report there is an improvement over 2020’s animation month. Now wether i can wrap up the 2019 big music video by the end of the month… This may require the entire final week of this challenge.

I know , clunky music video but this one is special to me as it was a project pending for 11 months! Finally wrapping it up and updating a youtube channel that had been abandonned for many years.
The big collab one between us
For our 16th couple’s anniversary, a card of sort!

Overall the output is less than i had hoped but i kept steady against a difficult challenge. And these studies are paying off to improve the quality of my commissions output. Big things to tackle soon : Finish the second daydream game, finish the second music video and give Vilx more assets for the web new web design. We will be taking a break on december 3 so all these need to be finished by then.


2 Responses to Animation november part 2

  1. smokehammer says:

    Ah, poor void bean, it never stops raining these days it seems. At least she found Faen with an umbrella handy in the long run by the looks of things.

    I’m glad you finished the animation though, and look forward to seeing more of them.