The epilogues are well under way at a rate of 2 pages a week so looking at the list of requests i’ve received, Hel will likely start in february instead of january due to how many needs to be done. More time is fine, as i need to push the art style and practice other forms of medias that will be required for the project.
While i finally gave up on trying the 3 days a week schedule, its worth noting the sizes of the pages at the moment:

Heltober was unfortunately dropped mid way so there will be less hel themed artworks to share this time. Meanwhile we’ve reached november which last year i’ve done 1 animation a day for. Well, if i have to practice animations now feels like the right time. plus wrapping up the two unfinished big animation from last year would be a nice to do before the next project.

¨Progress update on the cat in the rain animation, one of the two big animation–
Ambitious for a 1 hour animation this one. A whole story pushed real fast. The theme was “monster”
in contrast this too was a 1 hour animation. The theme was “Boo”
Moth-er , the moth shooter shown last time had some progress, however no amount of hours would make this an enjoyable project. I had to fight to code a simple AI to deal with tracking bullets. With my schedule, i cannot complete the scope of this game. To be postpone to the day i have either more experience or do it in a codeless engine
Toilet Clogger, a quick game to test if i could code something fast, made for Macabre’s birthday. playable at :
First 3d game and 3d texturing of items , made following a tutorial . Playable at :

Doing these games have a purpose. It is to be able to produce HTML5 interactivities. Things like Path to power made years ago or the anniversary special of a year ago, both would’ve been doable if i had the skill i am pushing for right now. I don’t know where in the next project this skillset will be use, but i’ve no doubt something will come up. At the moment i am making something for daydream as a test of such a possibility.
Technically i was a programmer before being an artist… Many, many years ago. Some of the backend of DT is still cursed by my touch to this day. Lets make the next project better by being ready this time. Speaking of, the prep for the final redesign of DT front page had started. Once the cat rain animation is done i suppose i won’t have any excuse to delay any further.

the next part of the collab comic set in hel
Stunning painting of Eld by Kite. perfect for promos.
An another over painting. Hel related.

I think thats it for the last 2 weeks + 1 day? i may have missed things my friends have done but it is tough to collect it all, as some design work are just shared through discord sharing.


3 Responses to Animation month

  1. smokehammer says:

    Ah, voidbean dipping her hands in the tea. My best friend in the whole mewniverse, Bearbear(also affectionately refereed to as Beanie), used to do that (along with her sister Sonny) at the edge of my mom’s pool. We called it serengeti-ing because they looked like black leopards cooling their paws off at the edge of a watering hole. I wish I had a picture of it. but we never took any. They never managed to turn the pool into coffee or tea however – guess it was the chlorine XD

    Anyway, what program are you using for the 2D animations? You’ve probably said but my head is a sieve these days.

  2. Vilx- says:

    Hey, for what it’s worth – if you want coding advice, you know where to find me! 🙂

    Wish I could actually help with the coding (making a computer game is a bit of a childhood dream of mine), but I’m seriously doubting my own strength. 😕 Can’t even seem to catch up with all the work I need to do at work, not to mention all the things that need doing around the house…

    But having a chat and teaching computer things to others is always enjoyable. 🙂

  3. :) says:

    I just feel the need to say that those two photos in the middle of Mir’kiin, Kiel’ndia and Naal’suul felt like a punch to the guts, but a very good one! Poor kids… <3