Those bi monthly news updates are massive so lets try to break it down.

DT moonless : Epilogues are here at last! I will cover all the characters and clans that people want to see covered. If you wish to make a request you can do so on our discord server in the moonless age thread. Or you can leave a comment here on this news post. I will be collecting the requests tomorrow. I will go through and give each ones at least one page epilogue up to 3 pages epilogue for major cast. Such as Naal’s 3 pages which I’ve already drawn. These will (hopefully) be in chronological order ending with a final epilogue that is many many years in the future. Once this is up, we will put our new site online(hopefully). Hopefully TM. It’ll be a busy winter.

Changes in art that i mentioned back in august. The change by now is very obvious. The pages are bigger than ever, going as far as 15000pixel in their original form. They are up to 3 times longer than the page of the past. The way they flow is different as well and they can be sketchier than they used to bewe. This change will keep going as Hel will feature a different layout than DT had. Till then i am experimenting. Forgoing the inking helped keeping my sanity through this final stretch.

Ssapdra, Tallsharis, i , Kite, Maca, and Darkvolt have been hanging out a lot over the years to talk about our projects. We’ve just made it a bit more official that what we’re creating is to help the others. Any of us can make something to help the others’ world setting. Also happen to be our more long lasting RP group where we can test ideas from our respective settings. Eld, Hel, DT, Planescore, Obscure and Twilight shade. Each with lore wiki we intend to maintain,

Blender. 3D enhancing our artworks is not something we’ve done in the past yet its a growing thing. This is just a first step and we’ve got to push to get better at it.

Now gamedev learning stuff:

After trying Gdeveloper i switched to Godot and followed a tutorial to make this simple game where the fatcat need to dodge the fruits and vegetable. Playable in HTML5 at . I then tried to add muffin to gain points but the logic behind hit collision did not allow this to be simple. I was hinted at that i should try unity, so…
I did! Another evening, another tutorial. Unity being the engine behind most indie game nowadays this was a door to something massive. There are many things that are great with Unity and its store alone could be an endless time sink. However i cannot code raw C# for a game. From what i’ve seen and understood so far Unity is more about building a toolbox of assets that are then used to make games. It is a viable path… cost money, but still viable. Though…
…Godot’s coding is something i can understand. I remember enough from the early 2000’s coding years to make sense of this at least. It is very simplified coding that does not share the limitation of Gdeveloper. With this i can do what i’m hoping to do, at no cost. Simple games, simple interactivity features for the next site using html 5. The above is a no tutorial first step into making a game with Darkvolt. Its just a moth that is shooting in a many layers of parallax scrolling. More about this one in the next news update.
Then there is Tallsharis hel’s game using Gedeveloper. Already much grander in scope as there is multiple level and a multi phase boss fight at the end. You can play the game Imp at
And this is where we get to the animation, starting with some silly stuff using Kite’s character as a possible boss. Then there are the weekly animation challenges:

Whew, that was a lot. Okay time for art. Studies, Heltober and Commissions:

And thats not all of them. Darkvolt has shared with us some of his Eld ideas that spawn so many characters it would need a wiki just to keep track of those alone. So, thank you everyone for your interest in our shared worlds! That was one massive news update, lets keep the creative juice flowing!


7 Responses to Epilogues , godot, unity and 3d

  1. Dakla says:

    Would like to see the Belt’s and/or Sarg clans ending.

  2. smokehammer says:

    There’s so much art, its going to take days of looking through it to truly appreciate it… the Void Bean… I must know more.

    It might be nice to know what happened to Nishi’kanta and/or Sillice in detail, but they dont exactly count as “main cast” per se, so I’ll look forward to seeing Shan & Chiri’s pages.

    Good Luck with Blender, to me Maya and Zbrush are 10x easier, but they arent exactly free(world’s biggest understatement).

  3. Kyence says:

    I look forward to seeing all of the epilogue. I would love to see what Kyo’varde is up to, if she found self-redemption. I always wanted to know what happened to Tsuris’lok and his dad (his dad was tortured, never knew if he outright died). I know they were cameos so dunno if that’s possible.

  4. MagicSkyshark says:

    oh, well, i am a bit late, as always ))) but, i’ll try anyways

    i will be very hapi ;) to see Viri’sylvia, Merril’lin, and Daenar + Emerald City.

    cameos, right…’cept Emerald City )))

    and we need moar of voidbean!

  5. SilentAlly says:

    I really want to know what happened to Mel and Zhor; if they survived the tower’s collapse. Same thing for Kel. Did he recover from his wound or no?