Pushing hard to break through the art stand still in the last month. By now you’ve seen the changes to the comic pages. Hopefully the transition is a positive one. I wanted to keep things consistant till the ends but i need this chance to change things and experiment. Theres so few pages left. On this hopefully an improvement is also visible in the recent commission works, which did increase in price on september 1th. Long overdue really. Especially considering the state of inflation everywhere.

On a personal front, we’re down to 1 foster cat…and its the same one as before, Nesquick! Which turned up to be a boy, and a runt, too tiny to get his fix done so the refuge left him with us for the rest of the month. The longer he stays with us the harder it’ll be to part though.

Drider commission for Austin
Commissioned epilogue page for nerdycannuck and Rune

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