Busy 2 weeks! and thats start with cat fostering. First with Nuage then the triple kitten Neslie, nesquick and Nellie. Nuage was a loving cat that i’ve no doubt will find someone to adopt. The 3 kittens were sicks when we got them for fostering, Neslie was fearful but we’re slowly getting to him. Nesquick is a ball of love and energy. If something goes fast and purring its her. Nellie, poor nellie, her state gradualy got worse. She is no longer in our home as she needed intensive care. All these cats are temporary in our cat hotel and will hopefully find a forever home. They will be spoiled with all the stuff we had prepared for Neige.

Then there is the comic. I’ve only about 5 pages left to draw for the current chapter; So little before the epilogue… At first i thought i’d just finish the comic before exploring styles but might as well use these to do some exploration. Hopefully people will not find the transitions too jarring once they begin going online on tuesday. As the epilogue begin i’ll truly have no more choice but to tackle the site redesign.

Then there is the characters giftart. Characters for a story that has to be but through them the world become richer ; Thank you!

Angel by starlitdragon

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  1. ellie says:

    thats so amazing that you are making your own fonts now. but please dont forget about some of us who are dyslexic. that first font is going to be really hard to read