Long time since the last news post update. Theres a reason for it, i guess i was avoiding reopening the topic. August has been a bad month for us so far as Neige, our cat companion since the studio began, since me and Kite got together, sidekick of many streams and projects, the ever present boss over our shoulders…died.

She had been sick for more than 18 months. When it truly began we don’t know but a year ago we had noticed how bad it was , that it wasn’t just the consequences of old age and managed to secure a spot at a clinic for her when the pandemic lockdown relaxed a little. She had gotten better for a time. There were up and down, with different medications. Though in the last 2 months things had gotten very difficult. Kite had to be permanently with her day and night , seperated from the other cats , to be able to take care of her. This made both personal and proffesional life difficult. We had to tell some family member not to visit due to the sick smell that had taken over the house. Still, there was a bit of hope for a time , even had a hospital visit scheduled for some operations– But our hopes died at the beginning of the month when it became clear her pain was too great. The medecines would not work anymore. The end came fast, we had 2 hours to say farewell.
So, difficult days, difficult weeks. We got back to work but its a shadow thats still loom over us at the moment. I know, its a cat, but for a couple of hermits she symbolized our relation and she was a person to us.
We will miss Neige very much. To get over this we’ve become a foster home for the local shelter , maybe we can help other cats where we failed to save Neige.

Maybe its her death, maybe its an accumulation of things , maybe its mid life crisis, i dunno. Its time to think of where my career is going and how to best use the remaining years of health i have. I will be experimenting, exploring options.

.A fanart for EnderLilies that i kept going back to tweak, little by little for days.
And finished the Live2d facerig purple cat for stream. It maps to my face, this gif though is just live2d doing random movement using it.
First emote sets commission i got, not the lasts though as i’ve two more sets to do already.

Above is giftarts, the catgirls are part of a monsterprom project that Darkvolt had been working on , using the eld catdesusa designs.

We began doing a little community group up every week. 1 hour animation, which many artists on twitter participate in. After a hour its pen down, no matter the state of the animation! (some of the animations won’t autoplay unless clicked on)

Topic “Swipe”
Topic “Tired”
Topic “Tired”
Topic “Wings”

8 Responses to Neige

  1. Vilx- says:

    Ouch! That’s hard. My condolences to you both! Stay strong and take all the time off you need! May Neige be forever happy in the great catnip fields of the sky!

  2. MagicSkyshark says:

    Rest in peace, Neige. You will be forever in our hearts and souls, ’till the end of times and beyond.

  3. Starlitdragon says:

    I am so sad to hear about Neige. She will always have a special place in my heart with her soft bean belly and chicken legs. She was a really good cat. I miss her too. Hope you are both doing ok during this tough time.

  4. Smokehammer says:

    None of them are “just cats”. We’re all people in the sense of personage, but I understand the sentiment, Ive said it myself over my own best friends who happened to be meows. You think other two-legged people wont get it, but we should just feel sorry for those who have never loved anybody who wasnt shaped like them.

    I became a foster parent when I lost Bearbear two years ago too, but I failed, and now I have two more cats. Still, I saved their lives to honor hers. I think she would’ve hissed at them, but then grown to think highly of her new nieces and purr-haps she watches over us still.

    I wish I could give you and Kite a big infamous Smokey Bear Hug and tell you it was going to be ok, but it wont be. You’ll miss her forever. It helps to remember though, that grief is an expression of love. Eventually it will bloom into happy memories to go with the feelings of emptiness. Neige will live on in the mortal realm through you and Kite and it my dearest hope that you’ll all be reunited in spirit eventually. (of course that comes with the caveat that by the time guys like you and me make it out of here were going to be buried in cats in the afterlife, but hey that sounds like heaven right?)

    And I second Magic. That’s the beauty of art and artists in all their forms. We get to know and see others who touch us somehow forever.