As i’ve shortened some of the political drama to come, it seem the epilogues for the stories are fast approaching. This bring me a mixed feeling, sadness over incoming goodbyes of characters but also glad it will soon be wrapped up. At this point i think the epilogues would be better under its own chapter number with its own cover. More on this soon.

1 hour animation challenge “Swipe” . Sibelle cutting a silouette with a sword
My live2d progress for the next twitch’s model. Not much progress as i’ve forgotten most of live2d’s inner working. This alone took me hours of head bashing to get done. I would need another full session to fully animate and tweak.
Kite’s own refresh of live2d led to an adorable Naal .
FF14 themed Commission/birthday gift from Bun, done by Kite.

4 Responses to Incoming epilogues

  1. smokehammer says:

    Is that cat fighter stealing sandwiches, or using them as shields?

    And yeah, it will be strange for Drowtales to be over. Will you post links to your new comic project here, or do we need to join Discord to figure out where it will be?

    • Kern says:

      this whole site will change and a new site linked to it will begin. It’ll be easy to follow, easier to follow than ever hopefully.
      Discord is a nice plus ;)

  2. NerdyCanuck says:

    Congratulations on the milestone, Kern – wrapping up a years long project is something to be proud of. Much as it’s also a sad occasion, I’m very much looking forward to the epilogue chapter. I’m excited to see what your plans are for it.