Both Kite and I had our covid shots and finally lockdown unto our city was lifted, hopefully permanently. Its a return to the normal! Or at least we hoped , till our cat and DT cameo for years is dying ; Neige. We’re doing our best to bring her back from the brink that the tumor in her guts has brought her down to. It is affecting Kite’s work especially. please forgive the slower update rate for the time being. We do want to finish this last chapter asap and will be doing our best. 2021 is a big year for change that needs to be tackled asap , especially as the last 5 months just disappeared before us.


3 Responses to Return to normalcy?

  1. smokehammer says:

    I know you may not think it will help much, but I’ll say a prayer or 50 for Neige. I know how much it sucks to take care of a best friend and meow who’s health is failing, but keep your chins up and Neige as comfortable as possible. Positive energy and love can go a along way in helping heal, or at the very least it makes being ill feel just a little bit better.

  2. Kyence says:

    I remember when you first found little Neige! Do what you can for Neige. I know how much love and care Kite and you have showered on that precious feline over the years. Take care. *hugs*