Done with chapter 26 here and begun the second arc of the vaelia story path. I drew the extra story so the readers may accept them as regular updates instead of fillers. Does it work? I don’t know , so far i haven’t seen comments that point it to be correct or wrong. Bandit is the one doing the coloring so you’ll see a difference in coloring style.
Every chapter completed get me closer to the finale of that timeline. It’s a big cornerstone, to jump so far ahead in years. Before then, everything will need to come together. So everytime i write, there is a little bit adding itself on the chapter right before the jump. Look like Chapter 30 will be very big.


9 Responses to Beyond Chapter 26 and extra story arc

  1. Durlyn says:

    I’m certainly enjoying Vaelia’s story arc, first I was in suspense over Vae would kill the fairy or save it and now I’m on the edge of my seat wondering if Vae will escape that shack in time to rejoin the raiders before they leave…So I’d call it successful in my opinion at least “worries for poor Vae…”

  2. Junglefowl26 says:

    Considering not all the chapters are even about Ariel, Vaela’s story doesn’t feel any different from, say, Chapter 24.

    I also certainly appreciate the attention given to Vaelia and I appreciate seeing the surface world again, so I am very glad to here this storyline will continue

  3. Vaelia is mah fave. Keep it up :)

  4. Roses Ablaze says:

    I like Vaelia. The story is good but it gives me anxiety – teeth clenching, etc.

    (Go ahead, make fun. Stories really do affect me that much.)

    (And I know I’m probably reading the wrong meta-fiction…Drowtales, I wish I knew how to quit you!)

  5. shanna66 says:

    i know that the constant art style is easier for new readers. but i kind of miss seeing the other artist styles. i really like darkvolt’s art and was kind of sad not to see it.

  6. thealbinobutterfly says:

    i actually am fangirling that chim is back for the backgrounds, he’s awesome-possum. A whole barrel of possums, in fact.

    not to say i don’t like starlit or kite or any of the others- even though starlit is from calgary and if she’s reading this i say A POX ON THE FLAMES A POX I SAY ok ilu bai bai <3

  7. DEATHKNELL8 says:

    I was so scared when Vaelia got put in the room thing i was like ohhh gawd i knew it was gonna happen but then the weird pixie thing came into the equation and i was so happy cause i see Vaelia as a major character

  8. Maku says:

    I like Vaelia and I’m excited about her adventures in this storyarc. I hope we get to see more of the world setting outside of the underworld! :)

  9. jrhindo says:

    Happy Birthday!