The 20th anniversary came on the 17th and for it i’ve commissioned artist friends for guest pages which have been going up during the weekdays. With 2 to 3 more to come depending if Ssapdra survive the gigantic page that she started. Once these are up, i’ve another special for the project to come before the regular story resumes. A year ago when i started this final chapter i thought that by now we’d be done; wrapped up. But there is still more to this chapter. The gate is closed , Snadhya’s force dispersed but she is still live, crazy , desperate, changed but still alive. So the conflict is not over yet. Plus as many pointed out on the discord, Diva has yet to make her appearance.

How long is left? I don’t know, a few months for sure. There’s the epilogues to deal with too. Likely with quite a bit of work to the web site which has already begun to change a bit to fit the current storyline.

20 years is a long time, more than half my life on a project, quite a bit of experience built up which i hope will be put to good use on the next project. That said i do not want to let this story be left feeling unfinished. Every characters needed its moment, the final had to big , difficult and pushing the limits of what the cast had ever to deal with. Kiel’s and Naal’s finale sure went beyond the usual storyline, wrapping things up to the very start with hints of Sharess’ own journey and a link to next project at the same time. As much of the visual is based on development made for Hel. It was a scene i was looking forward to depict for a while. And there is still few other moments i look forward to tackle though at this point I’m… let says i wish for no more armies. These are no small pages we deal with on a weekly basis and while the update rate is nowhere the same as it used to, its the relentless pacing that can get us. Like a slow and steady marathon — that last 20 years. At the end, i am out of breath and wanting to reach that finish line badly!

Okay enough babbling, now for the works of the last 2 weeks. I’ve gotten sick pretty bad earlier this week which made me lose some progress. Plus computer issues which required a new pc to be built with new fresh windows installation which too led to countless hours lost this month… 2 artworks were done that are not included below. 1 by Kite thats pending client release and the second that was set to private by the client.


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  1. MagicSkyshark says:

    Hang in there, Kite and Kern!
    Be safe and sound.

    U kan doo eeet! )))