Happy holidays!

The very last giftcember on the 25th took a bit longer but with it the month’s challenge is complete. And, through it my series of challenge. I’m going to be taking a break from these additional daily artworks for a while. Here is the result of this final week:

Day 21 for Tallsharis

Day 22 for Thalar

Day 23 for Palbrofella

Day 24 for Felix and mary

And Day 25, the most important one, for Kite. Altaiir and Naal.

With bonus NSFW artwork on top.

These tooks just much time as doing daily commissions so its no surprise i can’t keep doing this level of gifts. Though i wish i did, and could keep reaching out to artists around.

For commission there is only one this holiday week that is complete. Its for Vlashrod, a nsfw and sfw versions:

Finally, a stream giveaway for Kunryu.

See you at the start of 2021!


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