Busy week once more for this holiday eves. Hope you all will stay safe during the week to come. It can be feel like it is most important to be present in person but in the end whats truly important is your health and the health of those around you. Loved ones will remain loved regardless of distance. We just have to hold on a bit longer. And on that topic, I,ve continued to try with my outreach of gifts this month to my fellow creative in hope we can feel a bit more connected. It certainly feel like my hardest challenge so far with each pictures taking from 2 to 5 hours each.Add all the requests sent in on the special holiday stream to make a big pile to display this week.

First, the comissions:

Chibi necromancers for Folclor

4 seasons of Dalvyserran’s characters. Spring, summer, autumn and winter.


The giftcembers


day 12 for Mau: 

Day 14 for ssapdra:

Day 15 for darkvolt:

Day 16 for Gojikins

Day 17 for Kunryu

Day 18 for Deadslug

Then for the all requests stream sponsored by Lordpanther,

I’ve done these:



Mau :

Mau has two more unfinished to be shown later.

Then there is Kite’s emote challenges for those who boosted the gaming server:

Finally the gifts from Macabreabra. Thank you!

Impressive work on the mini story!


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