Reminder that the giveaway stream is this coming saturday at 2pm!

Starting with commissions:

Folclor’s next novel cover took several days , i am i struggled with keeping up with works this week.

So only the one above and this concept for Ardan styx got completed:

Then there are the challenges which in a way is commission level in term of work.
Day 7 for Silvertea , her fluffy miqote.

Day 8 for Bun, his vierra as a “padoru”

Day 9, for xenoanubis, his death priestess.

day 10 , for Tsukiko, her helian failing at emdroidery.

day 11 , for Blackmyst, his golem pilots duo from space age.

Day 12 , For Mau, her agents couple

Might have noticed a day was skipped. Its because i don’t work on sundays, no art whateover on that day. I do intend to use it once again to try to recover but, certainly won’t give up on this challenge. There’s many more coming.


Bonus  Fram from we are feral animation by Darkvolt! Which became a new emote on the server.


One Response to Giftcember week 2

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    ‘Tis the week before Panthmas, and all ‘cross the ‘net,
    All the the fans will be waiting, all ready and set,
    Their requests will be made on the livestream with care,
    In the hope that St. LordPanther’s gift sees them there.

    In the hours that follow from 2pm East,
    Four fine artists will work on a fanservice feast,
    By Kern, Kite, Mau and Darkvolt, a grand giveaway,
    Of artistic goodies on this Panthmas Day.

    And the fans, ‘cross the world, in their blankets and rugs,
    Will be sending dear LordPanther scritchies and hugs,
    And will raise from their keyboards this call of applause:
    “Merry Panthmas to all, and to you, Santa Paws!”