On december 19th , we will be hosting a giveaway stream sponsored by Lordpanther on our twitch channel : Gaming artist┬áMe, kite, Darkvolt and Mau will be drawing people’s request for hours. You want a request in from one of us? Be there as early as 2pm east that day to see it done.

That said, november’s animation challenge got wrapped up with this animated Naal which now serve as discord icon:

December starts. A new month, a new challenge: Giftcember. Each day i will draw something for a creative.

Starting with Foclor’s necromancer:

Then Tranquil’s goblin

Jayaply’s sneaky bun

Madeleine Rosca ‘s winter

Macabreabra’s angel and demon couple.

Some of them takes even longer than an animation to do so this week was particulary busy which is ironic considering that..

Very little to show on that front. There was a big commission that got finish but it is very NSFW and not suitable for daydream either. So, unless you’re on our discord it’s not going to be shared. It was a FF14 themed one.

Then i worked on a concept art i had initialy forgot about but which is not yet completed.

So… yeah, not even one full commission to show for that week . Even if i worked 10h+ everyday. Odd feeling. Lets get that fix next week. Beside this urgent concept i have to start the next daydream page for Lordpanther and begin on Folclor’s next novel cover.

And there’s that cute cat which need some animation.


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