Certainly was some progress since the animation challenge of november begun. There is only 1 day left to it and my goal is complete the Naal transformation icon that had me stumped for months prior to this.

Kite joined in for the last artjam with an animation of her own. Chirping harpy for Darkvolt!

And she is reviving her live2d craft with a new incoming facerig. With the new craze over Vtuber, it reminded her of the work she used to do on these.

Now to commissions:

Human mobster version of Zuhur, Chigusa, Altesh and Sorn, for Thrair.

Surprise gift for Lordpanther, up on daydream

Fat cats everywhere, FF14 themed commission for Khuja.

Now for the personal arts:

NYAGAO emotes . Because of Folclor and Kunryu

Tea emote because we use the default discord one a lot and it was time to have one of our own. Not my top work there…

Birthday gift for Dratuss.

Sibelle geared up in her horn chippings, because i normally draw my Hel characters without armor and weapon.

IWI… OWO… just madness because Khuja is joining us of late among the creatives and he has a specific way of drawing faces.

Stream giveaway for guilty carrion.

Stream giveaway for Beanie.

Now for the animation challenge:

The week didn’t start strong. Not much time… So quick derpy cat.

And turned another one into the artjam announcement. Chess listening to music.

Now these 2 are meant to follow week 1 jumping bun. Giving it a story arc of some kind. They were good practice to play with the camera.

More of an after effect practice. I have yet to implement this one but the concept was to give a visual to the boss battle on streams.

This one was meant to have a lighting cross the screen. Although the challenge is technically a failure as i had to cheat my way with that one. I still have to figure out how to move a light in clips studio.

That said thought. The whole month had an excuse behind it : Get back on my 2018 music video project. Why did i stop? Crippling anxiety, not too uncommon for creative people. And the more time pass, the stronger the desire to avoid after effects project. But with this month of forced daily animation it wasn’t as daunting to reopen the whole thing. Now there is a new extra scene to start the music video with. A mix of Clipstudio, sai and after effects.

4 hours work for 30 seconds. About right really, things take time and even then these extra 30 seconds are not polished enough yet. Now to find the time to continue?

And thank you to Darkvolt for drawing Sibelle in armor:



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