The question of chapter 9 remake come up from time to time. It’s old, it’s the only chapter left with the original page format, some of the elements in it doesn’t match exactly the other chapters and finally, it’s not listed for download. There’s no good hi-res of it after all. I’m curently writting chapter 26 that make many reference to chapter 9 so the topic is fresh in my mind.
Here’s the official studio answer to the question : It’s not a question of cost or time. As making a chapter or another is the same to us. The problem come from the readers perception. Many are tired of remakes, and many more were turned off in the past because of them. When we published chapter 1 remake last autumn, it had an impact on our readership. Statistic wise but also on subscription. So it is a risky move to remake anything.
I and Starlitdragon had a discussion about it last winter and decided it would be best if chapter 9 remake come after all chapters up to the time jump are made. This way it won’t feel like it’s interupt the story as much. The time jump happen in chapter 30. Expect a remake of chapter 9 next year. With probably some teaser of the post time jump to help the remake-haters wait through it.


23 Responses to Chapter 9 status

  1. MossOwl says:

    One option, though not neccesarily preferrable to your schelude, would be to make the chapter incrementally over a long period of time and publish it at once. It is not after all imperative to rewrite it right now unlike chapter 1.

  2. Hamilkar says:

    I’d love a chapter nine remake. Although most of the story is already known, chapter nine represents the last chapter in the old format, therefore it will be the last remake. To add some teasers or a slightly new spin in chapter nine would be not bad I think. Afterwards one could read from chapter one to 29 in one rush, given the reader would have much time available. ^^

    And I do not understand how new pages could turn anybody down. For me the only painful thing was when I ordered the printed comic for the new chapter one, were I was given the option to download the entire chapter immediately (what I gladly did), but then I had to wait some time until new material appeared on the website.

  3. Runes says:

    That’s awesome. I’d been hoping for a Chapter 9 remake at some point (there wasn’t enough happy reunion snuggling in the original Chapter 9! XD) ^^

  4. Taruna says:

    I’d look forward for a remake. If they are necessary, they should be done, I think. I loved how the other remake turned out, though.

  5. shanna66 says:

    cant wait for the remake!

  6. Kama says:

    meh, Im impartial to it.

  7. Jai'byrd says:

    Personally I do like the remakes as it’s cleaned up the story and made it flow so much better from chapter to chapter and currently Chapter 9 does stick out like a sore thumb. Plus the remakes are always interesting for me considering I like to compare and contrast from the old version to see what you’ve changed and why and that’s really fun. Honestly I do look forward to the remake just as much as new chapters, but I can wait for it. I’m a patient person.

  8. Ombr'eh says:

    It’s a wise decision to wait until the time jump. Many readers get bothered at reading stuff in disorder of storytelling and the anticipation of the next story step might be lessened at that time. Just like it’s better for tv shows to take a summer break at the end of a season than cut at the end of a big plot in the middle of a season.

    Personally I am all for a remake due to the story evolving over time in Kern’s mind, but it’s true you need good timing when handling a business.

    As for the people who complain just because they reread the same chapter with better drawings, let them complain, they don’t understand that remakes are drastically different, just like how the chapter 1 remake felt like a new story to me.

    Keep up the good work everyone.

  9. Renfri says:

    Maybe I’m weird, but I’m really happy hearing that chapter 9 will be remade. This way the story would flow better, since that part after all other remakes didn’t seem compatible with the rest of the comic. Also, I guess waiting with this until the time skip may be a wise move. I’ll gladly wait. :)

  10. Durlyn says:

    I actually liked the chpt 1 remake, alot actually. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that Ariel’s first encounter with Mel was less emotionally powerful than the original because Mel didn’t react to her daughter’s rejection of her (which had always been one of the most imortant scenes in DT for me). However, given how Sillice behaved in recent chpts I too would like to see this chpt 9 remake eventually (if only to confirm what aspects of it are still canon and if Sillice is less monstrous toward the tainted like she is in current chpts…though I hope Chrys’s reaction to how different the Sarghress forces do things from her own clan remain the same & Syph still saves Chrys only to save her own ass, XD).

    Otherwise, I look forward to all the exciting new chpts leading up to the time skip :D

  11. thealbinobutterfly says:

    if anyone hates remakes then we wouldn’t have the new drowtales style and it would still be at 4 panels. Let the haters hate, i’m looking forward to awesome art.

  12. Kite says:

    I’d like to recolor the first 20-25 pages of chapter 2 someday. my personal wish to ‘unify’ the style shown on the pages, especially since it passes through 3 different colorists within the first 15 pages. XD

  13. Vilx- says:

    Or you could remake the chapter and publish it all at once, not page-by-page. That way it wouldn’t interrupt the story; remake-haters could just ignore it; and remake-lovers could enjoy it all at once.

  14. Reva says:

    What Vilx could be a good idea, bu if they work at the present chapter and the remake at the same time, it could lower the buffer pages to a minimun. We know how much trouble it is to keep the daily updates, so I don’t think they will to that. Plus, I bet it’s very stressfull.

  15. kern says:

    Thank you Reva. Someone care about our sanity.

  16. tk says:

    I’d love to see you remake ch9, but I agree with Hamilkar. I took the option to immediately download Ch1, and so I didn’t check in to the site during the time the new Ch1 was being updated. I’m guessing that you don’t plan to sell this one, though.

  17. Little One says:

    Rock on. I finally finished a reread of the archive and was noticing some quirks compared to the storyline current. Can’t wait for that to happen, whenever it’s decided!

  18. Tal says:

    I love the idea of a chapter 9 remake. This was always one of the more interesting chapters to me. I want to see how it would be updated to match the current overall storyline. I’m also excited about the time skip as I love drowtales and have read it for a long time, but have always had a bit of a dislike for all the main characters being “kids”, though I understand it set up a lot of necessary story, I want to see how things work out when they are older.

  19. Vilx- says:

    I never said they should do it overnight. Just re-make a page now and then as time permits, and within a year or two the whole chapter will be remade.

  20. Finn MacCool says:

    don’t forget that each page also costs them quite a bit of money. so even if spare time wasn’t a problem at all, spending a couple hundred(?) dollars just so we get a slightly better reading experience wouldn’t be such a smart decision businesswise.

  21. Laurie says:

    A Chapter 9 remake would be really awesome. It does stick out as it is now, both art and story wise. It would be nice to see that unified with the rest of the chapters.

  22. lady nym says:

    I’m not a remake hater, but i support Vilx’s idea (if it’s possible, of course). Maybe you could draw a one chapter 9 page per week?

  23. Finn MacCool says:

    please have a look at the next news item.