Kite kept going with her gorgeous isometric art:

Eld’s post office

Two scene of our new RP characters at a farmhouse appartment and a candy shop.

Now for commissions:

she did one animation commission for Madara

a big one for thrair that’s not yet complete. I am quite slow on this one , my apology Thrair. I should have had it done today.

Commission for Khuja of a FF14 miqote

Gifts and giveaways

Helian Khuja bun

Birthday gift for Kunryu

Giveaway for Mr reaper

Now for the challenges:

(require clicking) Flying helian witch.

(require clicking) Animation draft for Ssapdra’s character to encourage her giving a try with animation

Cat blep emote

(require clicking) Sibelle blowing up a bunny again and again

Double challenge! Isometric and animation in one. Featuring Darkvolt’s Inten.

Helian bunny princess. This is a classic twitch streaming boss battle that i’m hoping i can use for the battle.

After effect practice of the bunny emote shaking its booty

My Hel RP group got a fake a videogame intro and animated character icons. The video is too big so i have to link to the twitter post:

Speaking of my Hel group. The banner is updated with all the PCs, as one player is taking a break, a new player is coming in.


Sibelle by Mau! Thank you


4 Responses to Animation challenge week 3

  1. smokehammer says:

    I cant help but feel that Inten is about to get “machine-gun” paw’d by Niege in that Iso-animation. Cool little Kern cat peeking out from under the foundation too.

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Link to fullsize pic of Khuja’s miqote, ‘cos it’s missing.

    Link: No, I’m not missing – I’m from a different game series altogether!

    The Missing Link: *charges out and glomps Link* ♥ *simian fanboying* ^ω^