Kite began with a new challenge of her own : isometric architecture

And theres more incoming.  This is the house of her new character.

And her take on my character whom is meant as her partner.

Now for the commissions:

FF14 miqote with boobs too big for Khuja
Big one incoming for Thrair. 4 mobster of Altesh, Chigusa , Sorn and Zuhur

Daydream Demon love remake sponsored by Lordpanther, up on daydream.

Ariel as Bayonetta for Lordpanther.

The gifts art:

Bunny trex helian hug for Tsukiko

Helian homeless lady for Tallsharis
The fanarts challenges:
Dusa from hades

Bunny Sushi

Darkest dungeon flagellant

More work on the mast request. This is an extended one that goes down all the way down the neck and around the head.


Finally the animation challenge which sure got more complex this week.

Bongo purple cat making art.

Animating quickly one of Kite’s art for ssapdra.Neige meeting with Darkvolt’s inten.  It served as a test ground for scene changes.

Spining clouds around the entrance to Hel… with a luigi emerging version.

Eld Naal waiting at the bench. This served as an excuse to drag out After effect after nearly a year not touching it.

Which has let me start mixing softwares. Sibelle dashing foward.

And to wrap up the week… a big one. Bunny going to space!



For monday to come i had to brainstorm animation idea with only 3 frames as a limitation. Only one will get done.


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