I will have to change the artdump from every 2 weeks to weekly on saturday night or these posts will get out of hands with this month’s challenge; animations study. Its not the first time over the years i’ve tried to force myself to do it, however its the first where i have animators hanging out with me in voice chat everyday, making it easier to get the motivation and ask inputs.

Before going with the new challenge though, here is the final one of Heltober, the surface:

Animation challenge started really rough with something i gave up on. I made it wiggle and moved on.

That failed i tried to animate without an animation software. Result was a Naal that did not move much. Basicly what i would do before without after effect


Some question were answered regarding the animation software and i was able to use the system with something quick and silly:

Which prompted something else also silly but intentional at least.

As the basic of multi timeline got out of the way, time for an actual challenge. Doing an emote. Hel slime girl rotating eyes.

Then pushing further with full body , albeit simple proportions. Chunky cat rolling.

And bunny butt shaking:

To end this week challenge with using a character instead. Artist falling against tablet.


All emotes usable on the discord server. Lets see what will the upcoming week of challenges bring.

Kite meanwhile did this one to wrap up her week , her new D&D character:


Cuteness overwhelming.

Whom is meant to go with mine. Basil hair druid dryad kind of character.

Made on our couple’s 15th anniversary


art gifts:

For ssapdra

For Darkvolt:

For Macabreabra

For me…? FF14 related.

For Tallsharis”
For Beanie

Now for the commission work of the week

Succubus Neh for Vlashrod. Adult version on daydream

Concept art for Nyutek. Only 3 concept art left for the chapter!
Bayonetta Ariel in progress for Lordpanther

Two graphics for Folclor’s twitch channel.

Commission for Reefireparrot up on daydream.

To wrap up this post. The D&D campaign set in the DT universe is updated with the new character:

and finally, two lewd images not posted on daydream because they are really simple:

NSFW dryad 1
NSFW dryad 2
Might be a new daydream story by darkvolt, we’ll see.


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