This saturday 2pm for halloween we are reviving the ARTJAMs of old.

On our DT art discordThis is a drop in drop out kind of event where you can choose to join later , leave at any time and can return at your leisure. What will be drawn? Halloween stuff, spooky stuff, the last day of Hel-tober challenge and anything else that inspire us. -Come over to watch on any of the participating artist’s streams, mix and match with multi streams of your choice. There is no wrong choice for what matters is to hang out and encourage each other in a big creative day. -If you wish to be one of the participating artists, Creatives please notify me with a tag . The voice chat will be restricted to participating members with a waiting lobby for last minute surprise friends. If one of the creative wish to prepare a discussion for the event , please let us know. For those who participate but do not wish to stream, you are encouraged to screenshare with the voice or share your work in artworks-in-progress!

This is a revival because many of us have begun joining the voice chat to hang out all day lately. Lets make it official through a relaxed event with no obligation and get more people involved! The daily stream revival of late was also thanks to that, doing them with company really eased things up and liven up the conversations. I thank Darkvolt for his daily stream challenge that led to this.

And on the topic of new thing. Farex and Foxfyre requested a Kiel mask based on my drawing from a month ago. Well…here it is, its real : I’m not doing this for money, only buy it if you truly want to use it, which from the 6 sales during the stream that there is interest. I’m going to make a second version for myself that goes all the way down the neck. and there is a Naal pin too! if you want to pin it to the side of the mask to truly match the original design. She was already pin sizsed.


Kite finished a long standing Lordpanther commission,Diva slapping Snad.

A gift art of hel’s Sibelle from Darkvolt to wrap up his month’s challenge as well as Heltober.

Which maca drew Etoile for earlier .

And on the topic of Hel, our Hel roleplay campaign is still going strong. With this memorable moment from the last session.

Now the commissions:

Vampiress Chiri for Lordpanther

Dragon bursting through a ship for Beanie

Altesh concept art Thrair

Among us imposter for Sinon

Concept art for Maxime.
Lizardfolk deathcleric for Silverthorn

FF14 vierra for Khuja

Incoming Succubus Neh for Vlashrod:

Things are going a bit crazy on discord recently. We’ve been turned into Beans. So, hm, bean up i guess? Our avatars turning into simpler beanier shapes. Here’s some of the beans from tonight’s infection.


for Matt:

For Beanie:

Fanarts challenges.

Kunryu’s bun: Nyx from hades

Pineapple chan for Palbro

N1 shade fan from hades

The daily art challenge Hel-tober:

Sibelle and Eld cat

Angel design work based on Suzaku

Mashmellow gore!


Angel against demons.

Friendly handler

A friend within

Cosmic horror

Ssapdra’s character eating tentacle licorice

Slime in need of bones

A very tall person with too many arms and too fewlegs

Shark dog and bunny bat

Harpy for Darkvolt

elevator trap

Angel child with extra screaming



half goblin for Darkvolt

Emote for Khuja

Sheepie floppy for Tallsharis

Phasmagoria for Foclor.
And to end it all, a nightmare:



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  1. smokehammer says:

    I think you’ve defeated your previous art dump in which you defeated all previous art dumps.