Its been more than 3 weeks since the last post and in the meanwhile the pile of art has gone so big that we are now buried in it. If you see our cats, please let us know.

With october starting a member of our community suggested we do a daily hel art challenge of which a few other members joined us in doing. Heres the result.

Kite did 3 of the first days featuring 3 beautiful takes on the environement.

While for my part i took this opportunity to draw my players in the environments their characters are from.

But for next circle of Hels this was my excuse to finally wrap up the environment concepts. Places that i never drew before.

The ninth circle required a bit more brainstorming to try to get the concept of just darkness into something more visualy interesting.

Which another day’s challenge revisited with etoile meeting one of the old one.

And finally, staturday’s art challenge which was “Round and rolly” , well, those bunnies sure are round.

Now to commission work!

FF14 themed drk , whm and blm fighting hades. A huge commission and with a ton of details, for Meyichi. Thank you. It started as a fight against Ravanah thus the other compositions.

The next novel cover for Folclor. I played with the idea that the backcover is the reverse of the front.

Commission for Khuja of his Vierra as a DJ.

Second commission for Khuja of his Vierra with a hyur. He likedĀ the fourth composition as well so i ended up a bonus chibi commission out of this.

Kimono Kyo for Lordpanther

Incoming Among us commission for Sinon.
Daydream Demon love remake page commissioned by lordpanther, up on daydream.

Kharla pupeteer event lewd commission for Mullet, up on daydream.

Helian slime with DT naga led commission for Lordpanther, up on daydream.

Now for the personal work and gifts:

Giveaways for Varzil and Basil

Male vierra for Kite.


My character and Kite’s character for our Fragged empire rp game.

Some among us emote work.

And FF14 emote work

With that i’ve commissioned Luupetitek to turn it into a plushie. With a change of expression, not that it will transition to plushi form i think.

Quick sketch gift for Kunryu

An idea i had in my mind which i doN,t think i’ll ever finish. Vierra chiri with a dragon stepping on her.

Finally a fun project i’m doing with Darkvolt in his world setting. Neige meeting with inten. It is a cooperative comic where we draw the answer to each other work.

He really went all out on his last reply. Bonus concepts from him below:

Neige is our old cat and also character from our old we are ferals comic project which wrapped up many years ago under the pen of darkvolt. By now Neige is really old and isĀ  having some health difficulty. In result, our fat cat is now very thin. Something that transitioned to art form where her older self meet one of darkvolt’s character who also became old over the years.


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    I cant seem to find the “Kharla pupeteer event” on daydream, is it just my internet skills that are low?