Both me and Kite reached the elderly age of 38. Get off our lawn. *shake cane*.
Unless our lawn is the only safe space, in which case feel free to crash here.

Now for the art of the past 2 weeks and half

The almighty new emote by Kite. A pso2 rappy.

Its pissed and it wasn’t technically the only emote but everything else she did was animating existing emotes.

Now for the art challenges.

I designed a cat gorgon¬† then made her fit the monster prom’s theme. All those kitties.

Draw an artwork for someone else. In which case i chose Luupetite and Jaybird.

Finally the color pallete challenge in which i tried to design a brother for my main helian.

Now for the commissions.

Concept art for Magicskyshark

Concept art for Macabre

Concept art for Leo

Book cover for Folclor

Folclor RP character in progress. 

Daydream page of Syphile’s remake is up on daydream. Sponsored by Lordpanther
Pregnant Chiri posing for Lordpanther.

Now for the personal stuff

Birthday gift for Madara

Birthday gift for Tallsharis

And a self portrait to go with Darkvolt’s personal challenge. My hair and beard has gone a bit crazy since covid started.

Now for the RP stuff

6 NPC for the Hel rp. Each one was a challenge to do them within 20 minutes due to time constraints. The mushroom one was by Kite. Basicly they are handout in roll20 for when the players meet the characters.

Now for world of eld stuff which became the name for kite and i pet project.

Birthday gift for Kite. Our characters enjoying icecream. Birth of the tallboi and the pentagram in the sky.

Gris at a cafe. This was a gift for Kite as well.

Tall boi with baloons.

Altair and Cat.Tallboi is piercing the sky.

Now for the gifts we’ve received:

Tallboi is going to get…really. Confused. By Darkvolt.

Epic medley of all the projects by Macabre!

Birthday gift from Beanie

Birthday gift from Kunryu.

Birthday gift from Sygdom
Birthday gift from Luu. More balloon for the tallboi!

Birthday gift from Tallsharis.

And two Sibelle artworks as part of gift art challenge. From Maca and Luu.


4 Responses to Another year gone by

  1. :) says:

    Happy belated Birthday!

  2. smokehammer says:

    Wouldnt a cat gorgon have self washing hair?