Who knew things would just get worse as the covid madness quiet down. Stay safe, do something creative and as the critical role team like to say, remember to love each other.

Look into this fat bird eyes. Be at peace.

Kite did two artworks about Phantasy star online 2. Her newest game of choice. Fat bird and robot space cat girl.

And Kite’s new RP character she use in her tuesday campaign, a grumpy medic.

Now to the commission:


Saga for Swedish kitsune who asked me to sign it…signing. Not something i’ve heard being asked for years and i used to scribbles something back when it was a thing asked at conventions. Felt like the right time to try to do a proper artist stamp:

Top were the ideas i brainstormed, then Kite refined the middle ones. Ending with the two final ones we kept at the bottom .Vertical cat outline and cat face which can change the expression of.

FF14 themed commission for Khuja of his vierra as titania.

He liked one of extra composition and made it another commission. The aftermath of the first picture.

NSFW commission for eucep that ended up on daydream. A dark elf.

Commission for Dalvy, her character’s colony child.

RP goblin character commission for Jordan.

FF14 miqote ninja commission for Deezy. With bonus bread expressions as bonus commission.

Commission for Tallsharis but for Crystal.

Now to the challenges. We’ve dropped the mid stream challenges to replace them with a week long discord held challenge. The first was  painting within paint splatter.

You can barely see the splatter in mine but the wolf was it.

Bonus…huuuh… challenge. How to draw a dragon.

Artworks for studies now.

Naal and Altair , modern version. Hard to explain this one… I wanted to experiment further with the painted sketch but make it heavy ink at the same time? Even though its sketchy. Sketchy ink? Heavy sketchy ink? The idea came from talking with another artist on twitch that gave an advice which i may explore more soon. For now, Altair is Kite’s RP character, Naal was his partner in the rp campaign which ended. We still liked them together and so when i saw a modern outfit that inspired me , i kind of mixed the two. so, birth of modern eldritch Naal and her cat wielding boyfriend? Another work of these two coming soon as Kite asked more of them for her birthday. Speaking of birthday.

For Luu’s birthday.

For darkvolt:

And now the Hel stuff.

Gift still for Xenoanubis. Black widow.

For macabre. Cinamon monster.

Twice! her favourite scorpion girl to ship.An artwork for my campaign, the lady in the dark.

and monster for the campaign, the bloodsuckers.

The group artwork for the campaign. All 5 players. Macabre, darkvolt, Ssapdra, Tsukiko. Eltharrion.

Fourth floor of hel all concept arted up.

New headwear for Helian. 

Birthday gift for Ssapdra of her Helian.

And now the fanart. From Kunryu

And Macabre. 


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