Nekomartin is working on the last steps of the move to the new servers. We are still experiencing difficulties, please be patient. One more day and things will be back to normal.

One thing you may not be aware with is that one of the studio founding member is fat and very hairy. Her control over us is so strong that she can reduce productivity to a crawl whenever she wish, shut down the internet and barely recognize our ownership over the house. I tell you it can be an ordeal at time. This is why we must sometime pay her tribute. Such tribute can be cameo in an upcoming moonless age chapter.

An important role in the upcoming feral comic. Her blazeblue version(old 2009 lineart that kite colored):

and finally, because Kite saw How to train your dragon yesterday, a dragon version of her.
Woe is us, we who have to suffer under Neige’s fat furry tyrany!


7 Responses to Fat cat and servers

  1. Naelyss says:

    All Hail!!!

    There is no such thing as a cat tyranny. It’s called co-habitation. I mean, cat-habitation. We should be so honored to be in their presence. :P

  2. Twissy Tailed says:

    Agreed. :3

    We are not worthy.

  3. Jayngfet says:

    Feral chapter? Hell yeah!

  4. Durlyn says:

    I KNEW IT! Cats want to take over the world! And i swear the dogs are in on it too “casts a suspicous look in my dog’s direction”

  5. AthenAltena says:

    I believe she’s cameod in a few podcasts as well. She must be in league with the demon plushie. >:3

  6. shanna66 says:

    ive seen how to train your dragon 4 times now, i loved how they were all very catlike. and of course cats demand tribute, they are cats after all XD but on the other hand thats why we love them so much, they remind us we are lower than dirt lol

  7. thealbinobutterfly says:

    WHEEE new server!!! It’s awesome!

    *may or may not be clinging to screen*