The news feed update rate has been slowed down over time as there were too little to update but damn if there isn’t a ton of pictures to post every time since april.

Lets start with the hel designwork. There are 9 circles , each of them i will need to at least make a piece to put my ideas down on “paper”

First circle was done during a themed environement art challenge. A hanging city. Lots of ropes and roots to keep it up.

Under is the lower city.

And further down is the forest canopy. Fourth to ninth circle to be worked on during the rest of june.

Etoile, a new character that came to be while drawing a different character’s horn incorrectly. An astrologian of sort, that the people on the discord serve seem to have really like. Check out the fanwork at the bottom of this post.

A new constellation based on Kiel,s demon friends. I’ve integrated the naal eyeballs, and the princess crown as part of the pattern. The spikes on the branches are meant to represent cityscape.

Brainstorming of flaura and fona with people on twitch. Dunno if any of them will make their way in the story but its good to have some background element works.

Now on to commissions.

Loving zombie for Dalvyserran

Demon love page on daydream sponsored by Lordpanther.

Goblin sniper pathfinder character for Gunbird.

Daxia concept for brianna.

Slime x Ariel for Lordpanther, up on daydream.

Now on to the giveaways.

Twin goddess for Tallsharis. kind of a giveaway, meant to encourage him in his writing.

Twitter giveaway for Sygdom. That was the first giveaway i made on social media . Unfortunately the event didn’t garner much attention.

Twitch giveaway for Swedish kitsune.

Now on to the emotes!

Cool Kielw ith sunglasses

Shadow cat eating the camera animation.

Now on the silly side stuff.

An interaction with Darkvolt’s mermaid character.

D&D naal with DT naal high fiving. That was a pose study.

Ketchup slime , because we were wondering what other slimes could look like. I’m not putting her in the helian work because it’ll never show up. Purely a what if.

Turning Kite’s chompette into a full proportion character because i loved her design.

Now on to the art challenges

Styles.  Drawing our characters in some other popular medias. Hellboy because helian, berserk because its hard, and darkest dungeon as bonus.

Kite’s take on the environement challenge. Mine was the first circle posted at the start of the post

And our Sailormoon redraw challenge. This was a popular challenge in the broad artistic communities.

Finally, the fanwork or should it be called friendwork? Dunno.

Dryad if she were to walk, by sygdom.

Flat glass bunny by darkvolt

Darkvolt gave a shot on too on the helian slime. An avocado.

Macabre encouraging the project with a little Naal.

4! artworks of Etoile by Darkvolt

And one by Kunryu.

2 by Ssapdra. Or at least her feet , to help design her shoes.


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