Lets begin witht he emote work for the discord servers. All these having to be something that work at miniscule resolution makes for a challenge by itself! Mostly cat emotes for their simplicity.

but one Chiri drinking a mocha snucked in. Althought of all of them this one works the least at low resolution. Still cute though.

There were 2 streams where i discussed hel with the people who came and designed some pops and bystanders characters with them

None of them confirmed but it was fun to go outside the usual constraints of DT. All of them just colored sketch for speed sake.
And on the topic of hel, here is more design work on that topic. I try to keep some done every weeks as i’ve no doubt the day when the project  launch will come too soon , one  i need to be ready for.

One with crossover with DT. I tried to visaulize humanity as a netherworld. The demon princes and princesses , the blobs, its all from the same place and from that extent , Naal as well.

Another one with DT crossover. The flood of demons often come from a netherworld thats an ocean. Mindless demon fishes crossing over only seeking to eat and from the summoners perspective they are infinite. I tried to visualize this one from an helian perspective.

This one was based on Darkvolt’s design for one of the angell/valkarye.

Kite’s little demon is getting recycled for Hel. Charcoal, chocoalte and mashmellow.

Kite’s rendition is extra melty!

A third constellation and this one very different. What about the netherworld with demon so vast they’ve consumed everything.  Like that big demon from chapter 47. This one would be a many eyed 3 headed dragon…? althought to what the heads connect to might not be a dragon.
Kind of following the trend of recycling Kite’s characters design for demons, her chompette rendition was so cute that i had to try to make an illustration of it.

Finally, here’s me trying 3 different artstyle as a challenge. it did feature one helian as hellboy style to the left.

that’s wrap up hel. 

Two more concept art got done, both for Durlyn, which is no surprise considering his two cameos gotes together.
Nuka cola girl for beanie commission.

D&D aasimar for Folclor. This one i tried something new by compositing photos intot he background. Not much of it is left in the end but you can still tell from the grass if you look closely enough! I don’t have that kind of brush. Kite would have though!

Commission for Mullet, obviously NSFW and thus only on daydream in full.

D&D bearman for Xaine. Snoowww overpainting.

Now for the giveaways.

NSFW Saga for swedishkitsune

giveaway for Meck of his character about to be eaten by a mimicNSFW rouge vierra for swedishkitsune

And I,m running yet another giveaway offer on twitter for people who go there and follow me. I’ve doubt it’ll work but some friends insisted i tried. Only cost me 1-2 hours of work to try.

Not quite a giveaway, more a 15 minute giftart for Darkvolt of his character as a feldian agent.

Beware, more cute cats below.

a painting of Neige as an elder god rising.

Two animal crossing rendition of my and Kite’s avatars.

Finally to wrap this post up! Some fanwork.

Helians by Kunryu:


NSFW one by Thiradil of the merchant.


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    I like the spaced cat emote. That’s bad-ass.