With the project announcement out there is little reason to be vague on discussing the project anymore. There is quite a few conceptual artworks to share that are helian themed this time to gives a feel for whats coming.

A redesign of my valkyrie from 2012 with a more venitian feel to her mask.

Another of her kind, this one is a lot more bombastic in attitude. I called them angels for simplification when sharing the artworks but don’t worry, they’re no angels.  As a side note, this is one of the few artworks i’ve made with a new style i’ve been practicing of late. Its painting although done quite differently from my painting of the pasts that relied on flat colored layers for each objects of a scene. This? This was an extremely messy sketch that i painted under then over.  The result is more messy but more organic.

Angel versus demon. The lady from above against the helian lady i’ve been drawing in the last few years as the poster child for her people. Her face was also the thing used for the project’s temporary logo.

the merchant from the project announcement without the hood.

Technically this one which Lordpanther commissioned was an helian all this time too. Slime girl with Faen, up on daydream only.

To celebrate the project announcement , Sygdom drew the merchant.

Darkvolt designed an angel after being challenged to put his idea down on paper.

And showed some love to Sibelle, the demon lady and the slime girl who is curently nameless.

Thats it for Helian stuff! Hopefully someday this project is real and i get to see some love on #hel on the internet.

3 concept art for the current chapter of DT and there is still so many more to do!
Now on to the regular commission. Starting with a FF14 themed one featuring a vierra. Its worth reminding the processes that come with every commission. If you order a commission from me you get 3 compositions drafts to choose from , although this got 4.

And thats before any proper sketches is made. In this case he commissioned a bonus altered version.

Then there is the book cover Folclor next book! Front and back cover.

The next syphile’s story page commissioned by Lordpanther is up on daydream.

A maple story  comission , thats a first! And an opportunity to do some cute action. For Andres

Thats end the commissions for me. Now to the bonus artworks.For darkvolt’s birthday. His new drow character.

The first artwork i’ve done using the new style. There you can see the sketch being used for the base. The sketch itself become part of the render over time as it get cleaned up and colored. This character is Kite’s new RP character under her mask.

A little comic i did when i finished FF7 remake. I wanted to see if a silly idea would catch up on social media. Spoiler, it failed :D
Now on the art challenges:

“In need of coffee”


Now onto the giveaways!For Varzil
For Ssapdra

For eucep


For Nak

For reaper

For Farex

Whew, lots of giveaways.

Now onto the art we did for our roleplays sessions.

My character for Eltharrion campaign. FF base setting which then kite painted a chibi of for the “Coffee” challenge.

Her character,a blue mage.

For the campaign i GM i did 3 pokemon, i mean 3 summon for them to choose from.

One last D&D Naal before she retired as the game came to an end. With bonus keychain of Kite’s character.

early sketch of Kite’s blue mage.

As well as her ferret pet for another campaign.

Then came her art for animal crossing, Kite’s passion of late

Her eyes challenge.

Her new cat villager.

FINALLY to wrap these last 2 weeks of work. Starlitdragon’s challenge picture for “Coffee” used Diva! Thank you.

Busy busy busy 2 weeks. Lots of writing and i’m working on the inking of page 10 chapter 57 right now.



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