The 19th anniversary is 2 days from now and the story finale chapter is starting. Feel last minute thats for sure. Kite had been struggling this month as shown below where only one artwork is by her which led to some delay. I hope¬† she’ll regain¬†inspiration and her health soon.

The cover below is different from previous chapters on two key point. The first is that everything was inked. Hows that unusual? Kite normally paint the backgrounds over my sketches. Normally i would also feature silouettes for crowd but because its the final cover it felt wrong so here, full on madness with dozens of detailed characters for an epic feel.

Startlidragon, the environement artist of many of the old chapter is the one that came up with the new design for Diva/Sharess.

Which i tried to simplify for the comic. I cannot do her design justice.

She also did this great Ariel through the ages picture.

And here is Kite’s artwork. An animal crossing bun for the art challenge.

And my take on the challenge:

But speaking of buns, a commission for Vlashrod on daydream

And giveaway for Maikdelta

The final weekday stream where we experimented with both game and art at the same time was also animal crossing. One where i made a model for animation that kite requested to animate herself. unfortunately it isn’t animated yet.

Now for the concept art waves.

Still working on the last… There is so many early in the chapter, i must pick up the pace!

Another giveaway, this time for eucep.Another art challenge from earlier this month. “Mask” was the theme. One where kite wasn’t streaming.

NSFW commission for Reefireparrot also on daydream

And some artworks done for the fun of studying.

The naals eating ramen

Character with their shapes exagerated

Chiri cooking. Haven’t finished this one. Not even sure which one i’ll go with.

Finally the birthday gifts. One for Eltharrion

And one for Mau



2 Responses to Finale incoming

  1. Durlyn says:

    I can’t wait to see how the final chapter of Drowtales Moonless Age unfolds, and hope that Kite feels better soon.

  2. smokehammer says:

    Happy Anniversary and I second Durlyn! And I’m also looking forward to Hel -even though that sounds really wrong XD