Haven’t updated in while but at least i was somewhat productive. Finally reopening after effect to try to dust off the skill.
But first of all. kite. has. Worked. 2. months. on . this:

Two months on one chibi illustration. I’m glad she’s done with it.

Meanwhile mine are much simpler in scope. The discord community voted for Ariel blending with red background.

I did a chiri playing beat saber for the beat saber streams.

Birthday gift for Sygdom.

D&D naal , and an alt version about the gear of rats.

She is also the featured character for my stream’s music overlay. With an animated version.

Another simple animation meant as a stream reaction test graphics.

More D&D Naal with a scared goblin

The 3 composition for Farex’s commission. I do a lot of those, that end up never posted once a commission is done. Speaking of which:

Commission for ssapdra! Crystal girl in a field of huh…crystals?

Stream giveaway, which i was told to leave unfinished for them to color

Commission for thrair of a chibi page which ended up used as emergency update.

New overlay for the twtich stream.


2 Responses to long time no see

  1. Vilx says:

    Beautiful chibi pic, Kite! Well done! :)

  2. Moatl says:

    It may be not intentional, but: Kite’s chibi-pic reminds me on Purah of »Zelda: Breath of the Wild«. So the tower in the back is Hyrule-Castle, right? ;)