Two private commissions worked on this week , both set to private so i can’t share the result.

Birthday request for Vierranv of his bunny character turned into an emote.

A personal challenge of doing a comic strip in about 10 minute in a very simple style

A couple ideas of animations to get back to the topic

My take on Darkvolt’s design of Naal.

more buns, this time for Khuja.

Commission sketch for Thrair. Early phase of a comic page to come.

Progress on a commission for Samuraicowboy. Sabror versus his character.

there’s been a couple fanarts in the last 2 weeks!

Koildorath by Sygdom, memed up naruto style.

AshWaren by Vestiline

Asira malika by Vestiline

Kiel , Naal and Nau alternate version by Darkvolt.

And last, a very surprising fanart from @francescadare !


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