Only one commission to show for the week. This forsaken(FF14) version of Guiltycarrion’s character. Its not the only commission i worked on but the other two were NSFW ones the client want kept private.

Trying to break the art funk i’ve offered on discord two series of possible artworks.  The following were done in result.

Kiel in a sea of demons

Kite’s character witha  fat cat.

Chiri framed in fire… because i saw the fire soldier series.

Faen merging with the white background. All four meant to play with a framing composition.

Some meme and fire emblem  3 houses fanart to wrap up the week.

Sadly nothing from kite.


2 Responses to forsaken monk

  1. smokehammer says:

    Is Kiel being held up by the demons partially? Because she doesnt seem to be quite floating “in” the sea unless its very shallow. Other than that, everything is bitchin’ :D