thanks for the feedback, Farex and Vilx.

I will be trying to get out of that artfunk. restart streaming even if i’m alone , to do commissions and pieces to advance my skill. It is tough. During artfunk i feel everything i do is subpar and the internet hiccup is not helping but got to try.  I hadn’t posted anything i’ve done on social medias for a long time, finally today i posted the newest piece.  We will also do on twitch and discord this saturday afternoon a get together with the creative of the community to draw non commission artworks. See if that boost motivation. A sort of art jam revival in a way.

Commission of a FF14 sin eater for Tsunflower

Concept art for Beanie

Birthday request for Mizumomo

Commission for Reefireparrot of the beldrobbaen teacher.

Giveaway for Tallsharis

My contribution to Kite’s art challenge of the serpent.

Ariel and Mel starwar crossover kind of for Farex.

As for Kite, she did an update to her D&D character in Gojikins’ campaign

and this adorable bouncy animated serpent.


3 Responses to artfunk go away.

  1. MagicSkyshark says:

    You can do eet!

    Never surrender.

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    In my headcanon, Bethy Karr would be a shoo-in to join the Flying Sisterhood who are Sensitive about their Short Stature.

    Strigg’dae Kavahini: But only if you can pass the initiation. :-)

    Treemma: *sets down a tankard in front of each of them* It’s not hard. Just follow our lead! *raises tankard, prepares to chug contents*

    Of course, I expect that Bethy could use her water arts to make any alcohol pass through her without touching the sides. And do the same for her new friends once they’ve all bonded…

    Bethy, Strigg’dae & Treemma: *chug* *chug* *chug* *chug* *chug* *chug* *chug* *slam!*

    One of the warrior guys competing with them: *tries to get tankard to mouth* How c’n we be looshing againsht shuch shmall sshhuu potatoesh… *struggles to stay upright* X-S

    Bethy, Strigg’dae & Treemma: *smugness/ribaldry/put-downs aimed at big people* :-D . X-D


  3. Lucinda Wong says:

    I believe in you, Yan! :D