We haven’t streamed on twitch for more than a month now. Thing is, its not just the weekday streams that had issues but saturday streams on mixer as well, internet issues and getting new guest artists is difficult. Giveaway and art challenges takes more time away from the actual worktime that would be devoted to commissions. When things don’t work its time to reconsider things.  We may have been streaming since 2012 but that doesn’t mean we have to keep bashing our heads against a wall forever. At the same time , streaming felt quite important for community building, and lack thereof seem to have had an impact on daily conversation. What to do? Not quite sure. Back to twitch , remove mandatory challenge and giveaway and make those some kind of loyalty reward? Try to reach out to new artists outside the community? Put a camera on our cats and make baby sounds at them all stream? The later seem appealing.

onward to the week of art:

First is the the request for Lordpanther

One for xaine

One for Vlashrod.

i did mention the mandatory giveaway is a problem. The lack of any from kite and the fact she goes to sleep most saturday stream is another indication something has to change.

The challenge was “meme” for which i did stretch cat but with a certain snake.

Kite drew it with massive eyes and made it into an emote.

Since she and silvertea made some for our discord server and we may be unlocking 150 emotes slots, i gave a try on one. unless the eyes are super big its hard to make it work for something very small like an emote.

Commission for Lordpanther and his last july one in progress below

And Kite’s new D&D character’s portrait


4 Responses to Questioning streaming

  1. Durlyn says:

    Kyo as a golfer, I can buy that :3

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Link to the song “Golf Girl” by Caravan. LordPanther, of course, gets all the golf girls, all the cups of tea, and has his own golf course, there in the grounds of Panther Palace, where all the golf girls can visit, play, get kittified, and offer LordPanther tea and scritchies.

    LordPanther: *sits in a luxurious chair under a tree near the first tee* *sips tea*

    Large group of golf-attired kittygirls: *flank LordPanther’s chair bearing teacups, teapots, tea-cosies, tea-urns, samovars etc. and offering scritchies*

    Kyo’nne: *beams at LordPanther* *bends and tees up ball with much exuberance and bouncing*

    Khal’harror: *takes club from golf bag and hands it to her* *eyes kittygirls* *wonders if he could cadge a cup of tea*

    Bob the caddy: *is a golemic golf bag carrier made from bird bones by Khal’harror* *also wonders if it could cadge a cup of tea*

    Meanwhile, at the driving range…

    Kahru: *stands just behind Anahid* *attempts to position her hands on the golf club correctly*

    Anahid: *backs into him gratuitously* *wriggles* :-3

    Kahru: *is all aflustered* :-S


  3. Farex says:

    I would miss the streams if you were to stop them completely – even though I don’t interact much, I like to hang out and watch them. But I could understand if challenges and giveaways take up too much time and work, and I don’t think that having guest artists every week is necessary.
    One thing that is definitely useful is streaming commissions and concept art, at least for those commissioners who regularly watch the streams. But beyond that, do whatever works best for you.

  4. Vilx- says:

    Just an idea… (and I haven’t been an active stream watcher, so perhaps this is way off mark…) Maybe an audio-only or mostly-audio stream? I think the most fun part about the streams was the chatting with the community. Discord should be enough for that and the technical difficulties should be seriously reduced. You can periodically send screenshots with your progress. Maybe even get people from the audience to participate in voice chat.