Not many artworks for the last week as our sleeping schedule is madness at the moment and my art challenge of saturday turned into two complicated artworks.

These 2. Chiri and Chi(kite’s), made sin eaters(ff14). A twisted angelic figure that’s all white with black spots for eyes. It was fun to draw something unusual like that.

Commission for Leo. May not be visible but i’m trying a few new things color wise.

Giveaway for Beanie. I still owe one for Vlashrod!

Kite’s artwork of the ff14 exarch for silvertea

And demon blobs giveaway for Xaine.

It was my birthday last week, here are the gift artworks.
From Mary
From Sygdom:
From Darkvolt:

From Luu.

From Mau

And two from silvertea as a dual gift for Kite at the same time. Again sin eaters there.


2 Responses to sin eater

  1. smokehammer says:

    Happy belated birthday to you as well Kern.

    These sin eaters remind me of Valkyries for some reason I cant put my finger on rather than angels, but they look awesome regardless.