Sadly our internet has been chancy of late, making streaming even more irregular than it was. The last stream devolved into rainbows stripes. Discord voice chat going red as well. Fun times! Still artworks got done:

Kite’s D&D character design.

Art challenge “Light and dark”

screeeeee, a new emote for discord.

Kite’s take on a ff14 fat cat sin eater.

Commission for Wife of her D&D character in my campaign set in hel. Fallen angel type.

My take on the art challenge “light and dark”

Commission for Vlashrod. His new Dt character with snad

Commission for Wanderheart.Elven lady in armor.

Me… huh, coloring one of kite’s old tablet sketch she found

Giveaway for Xaine

Art challenge “Plant”
And kite’s take on the challenge:

Big comission for Beanie and Vestiline, monster hunter themed:


2 Responses to Screeee

  1. smokehammer says:

    Sin eaters are Queens of the fat cats Im guessing? And nice juxtaposition on the Snad/Vlash(Beld? Balv?) commission.