Magical girl chiri next page was put up, sponsored by lordpanther.

My piece from january of chirinide in ff14 finally got colored through a new week day mixer schedule. we now stream earlier on tuesday and thursday on that alternative platform where i will work on things that aren’t commission.

this is also where i made this gif emote. The thing pop on screen and shout gao when the viewers click a button.

Now for the birthdays!

Makezu’s birthday

Beanie’s birthday

Adira’s birthday.

Some called it “Art fight” on our discord. This is Darkvolt’s bug character.

Concept art for Martin was finished:

Giveaway for Farex of his owl demon:

Commission in progress for Reefireparrot of Shinae in killalkilloutfit.

And finally the saturday art challenge was “airship”. I went Kiel’s turtle airship

while Kite did a baloon fat cat. Which sadly is the only picture she drew all week. She has one more unfinished piece which she has been working since april for Lordpanther. Hopefully soon!


3 Responses to Turtle airship

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    I’ve been trying to find LordPanther so I can offer him happy scritchies for this latest MGCC installment, but he’s nowhere to be seen!

    LordPanther: *lies on the back of the Great Setting Sun Cat* *purrs*

    Great Setting Sun Cat: *purrs back at LordPanther* *emits squirrel flares, which loop back to cluster around LordPanther*

    LordPanther: *receives happiest scritchies from squirrel flares* *PURRRRRRRRRRRRR* ^ω^

    He’s just updated his Pussbook status to “*PURRRRRRRRRRRRR* ^ω^”, so it sounds like he’s in a happy-scritchy place already!