Racing to get ready for our PAX east travel! Meaning no stream until monday. At least a lot of work got done in the meantime!

Some of the twitch emote work Kite got commissioned for. She had a lot, and she doesn’t always post them. Much adorable.

She did a vierra Chiri

And her Record of lodoss war art challenge.
Mine was meant to go with Ssapdra’s where she drew pirotess in Ashram armor, while i did Deedlit in Parn’s armor.

Swedish kitsune feral commission in progress

Concept art commission for Beanie.

I’ve continued videogame character requests on stream. With a slime of slime rancher and velvet of tales of beseria

Giveaways, one for Vestahound of her thiefling

And one for guilty of his firbolg

SFW version of Lordpanther’s commission of Kyo in DVa overwatch outfit.

Commission for Vlashrod of his nid agent on the school rooftop

Finally the inferior version of it ;)


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  1. katrover says:

    Have fun at PAX.