Time to compile the stuff done in the last week! Just as a reminder, our saturday streams will continue on twitch for @Gaming_artist and @chocolaterebel

Kite’s D&D character, Moist, the slimefolk. Dark elf version she doodled as well since the party went to the underdark and she mused what her character could look like.

Commission for Sinon , some twitch emotes of adorable nya.

Giveaway for Beaubarbare

Giveaway for Folclor

Portrait of Macabre’s D&D centaur character.

Portrait of kite’s D&D slime character.

Commission of ELkantar for Samuraicowboy, his character through ages.

Giveaway for Sinon of a cat atom

Warm pic of sister freide from Dark souls 3

Challenge pictures turned excuse for a birthday gift for vestahound.

One of the random thing of the week streams was hotdog because people send bits to feed kite. Hotdog is now a thing!

Picture of the goodboy from Maca, thanks!


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