Clouds piercers won the first adventure. Proof that good teamwork and good communication lead to victory.

A couple more players joined this week so i expect the few who were waiting to play will be finally able to form a new Nal’sarkoth squad together to compete with those pesky sarghress who just won the first prize :p.

I’ve finished mass effect 2 today. Best xbox360 game and best rpg i’ve ever played. It’s rare i want a game to run longer, but for this one it did. Deffinitly give it a try.

Too bad Tali’zorah can’t ride her drones into battle. Up till the end of the game i was wondering what were those glowing balls of light that sometime exploded with wave of electricity…


10 Responses to clouds piercers and mass effect

  1. Madea says:

    OMG, TALI! <3<3<3

    So adorable. I’m totally crushing. ^///^

  2. Madea says:

    (Also, gratz to the Cloud Piercers. ^_^)

  3. Hindrvitni says:

    Woah, thank you, Kern :D They all look great! *highfives the rest of her group*

  4. Najah says:

    Yay Tali! Best character in the game, besides Garrus! Nice work!

  5. Miburo says:

    Yay, Go Cloud Piercers !!
    Lovely work Kern :)

  6. Alric says:

    Nice! Great job Cloud Piercers, your work is appreciated!

    And I finally just started playing ME2, having lost ME1 and having to find a copy again. So far…I’m seriously impressed. :)

  7. Durlyn says:

    adorable Tali OC and super cute chibi Cloud Piercers, congrats on your win gang, VAL’SARGHRESS RULE! “hands them a plate of cookies to celebrate”

  8. Madea says:

    Tali… OC? >_________________>

  9. Durlyn says:

    Oops, I mean adorable Tali chibi, not OC XD

  10. Trikal says:

    woo, those chibis are the best reward for winning :D

    also tali chibi is adorable