Norin is back from the hospital and has resume her daydream story! Welcome back norin.
As for some bad news, i’ve canceled my picarto membership. Its been many many years of weekly streaming on that platform and it carries many memories but, i think its time to move on.The service has had its share of technical difficulties that made me question its purpose even two years ago , which is what led us to try twitch. Though we kept on carrying the saturday picarto tradition regardless! Not anymore, too many hiccups, too much chances that the streams are unviewable or at least imposible to listen to without discord voice chat backup. so instead we will recover our saturdays for the time being and try to figure our something else.Maybe twitch will finally release its squad streaming service.

kite finished a commission for mowser for his twitch channel. its a ff4 dwarf doing the monster hunter pickle dance but with beers.

Commission for Lordpanther of Magical girl Faen

Concept art for Durlyn of Durlyn.

A ff14 miqote inspired commission . Pirate cat girl with a love for tentacles for Aaron.

The art challenge was drawing fantasy creatures, preferably our pets.

and last week was “Fast food”

For tsukiko:
For folclor:

Our characters got married in ff14 and we went and designed a child in response to someone’s comment.

And the drafts for Mullet and Reefireparrot of their commission in progress

First though i must finish the next magical girl chiri chan page which i just finished inking, it’ll need 2 more work days before i can go and work on those two above.

Finally some fanarts too!
One from reader247

and one from maca

for sillice’s return.


4 Responses to Dancing dwarf

  1. Moatl says:

    Sad news for Saturday stream. I didn’t participate in the chat for years, however I liked to see the stream at least for some couple of minutes before going to bed…
    However: The performance of picarto was worse than bad the last year, at least. Some times I wasn’t able to see at least one of the four streams at all.

  2. Katrover says:

    Lookin’ good, Durlyn!

    • Basileus_Ioannis says:

      Yes, good and heroic there! ^^/ I neglected to compliment the brave manly man in the blue cravat, the apple of Akumu’s eye…speaking of eye, who dat with the glasses in the top right? (o-o)) Of the three headshots in the bottom right, Akumu says, “Ooo, I like the middle one the most, he looks so innocent, so sweet ^^ I wanna muss up his hair…hee.” Right, thanks for your input, Akumu. And the rest of the pics are all delightful, especially MGF and Kite’s dwarf with beer [III]D\ ^^