Massive commission in progress for a monster hunter group. From drafts

To sketch

To flat colors

Another monster hunter idea i had in my mind which i had to sketch. But unlikely i’ll ever go ahead and paint it considering my current workload.

Concept art commission of a naga lady for Beanie.

Chiri and alt miqote chiri in one modern clothing drawing done for fun:

Non-gif miqo:

My challenge set by Ssapdra was albino girl with green eyes.

Stream giveaway for Ptitbaff:

The design for my gnoll Good Boy which i roleplay in Folclor’s group which is an all monsters squad :

With a custom emote for his love of food:


3 Responses to monster hunting madness

  1. Moatl says:

    So, is Aaliz a Gorgon, like Medusa?

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Chirinide/Chiqote looks so fluffy in her fluffy sweater. In fact, I keep seeing that, not as modern clothing done for fun, but rather as fluffy Chiri done for fluff. With a side order of fluffy-sweater-that-fluffens-people-into-miqotes. Are there any more such sweaters? Can we turn Shan’naal into fluffy Shan’qote, Anahid into Anaqote, or Kahru into Kahrqote?

    Anaqote: You can… *hugs self in sweater* …and you may! :-3 Question is, does the effect last if one takes the sweater off, and if so, how long?

    Kahrqote: I’ll find out for you! *removes sweater* No… still kittified.

    Anaqote: Goooood! Sit there, in front of that mirror, and we’ll see how long it lasts… *purr* I do like these modern clothes… and this modern setting… *opens Victoria’s Secret catalogue* :-3

    Chiqote: Me too! *peruses hunting catalogues* “The Squirrel Sniper provides unparalleled vermin control capability in .22 calibre…” magazine feed… lever action… infra-red and optical sight options… and look at these camo suits! :-3

    Shan’qote: *enters dreamily* Did you know that that you can get catnip delivered by drone carrier here? Well someone just did! It’s really good stuff! And they also sent a USB-rechargable Scritcher-Groomer brush for tails and ears… there’s a note, too… *drops bale of catnip in front of Chiqote*

    Chiqote: *starts succumbing to catnip* *reads note* “Have fun, and be nice to the squirrels instead.”… Alright… I will…

    Chiqote and Shan’qote: *meld together, purring* ^ω^