The next magical girl chiri chan sponsored by Lordpanther went up.

And i did try to make a chiri in kimono for fun but the more detail i put in the more i realised how much more details it’d need to look good so just ended up leaving it unfinished.

Beanie’s concept art in progress. Might do a bit more progress on it today but likely to be finished tuesday. Then wednesday begins the monster hunter commission.

On sunday i’ve joined Folclor’s rp. haven’t D&D in many years, nor do i actually know to play so my character is the opposite of a min maxer. It’s a derp gnoll, in a player group where all the characters are monsters.

Who cook the defeated monsters

And Kite thinks she’ll make a slime paladin so here’s my take on what it could be:


2 Responses to RP

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Ah, some day (hopefully soon) I’ll be able to see the further adventures of MGC ^^; Chiri in kimono looks very nice, that’s a fine Obi (plain white kimono are usually either sleeping wear, or associated with death, like when committing Seppuku or when you bury a dead person, the latter adorned with a triangular white paper headpiece by Buddhist priests). Aaliz is a cutie naga/lamia ^^ I hope you had fun playing D&D again, I still have to get used to ‘monster’ PCs (I know they became a thing with at least 3.5 edition, but outside of Drow, I still think of PCs as human/elf/dwarf/halfling/gnome). I know the dungeon chef thing is popular nowadays, but ew :P I remember an old videogame called Dungeonmaster, where you could eat certain monster parts like “Worm Rounds” when you defeat Purple Worms, providing you limited healing on the hoof (hoof, ew) ^^; There was even a monster that would drop T-bone steaks when you kill it, that was awesome. Finally, that “Slime Paladin” looks more like demon chonklit paladin XD (which looks surprisingly yummy…hmmm…)

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Yay for LordPanther and more Magical Girl Chiri-Chan! Boo to the Poisonous Pink Snadhya’bloom and sissified Shan’naal!

    Chiri-Chan: Shan dressed as a gothic maid?! Unacceptable!

    Anah-kun: Speak for yourself! :-3

    Kimono-Chiri immediately made me think of Chiri as a geisha. And Chirigeisha immediately made me think of how the rest of the cast would look geisha’d up. Actually, we can’t see Kimono-Chiri’s face, so I’m just going to assume she’s putting on her makeup right there. >:=)> But, you might ask, what good could a Kyorl’geishanurn do in the fight against the nether?

    Chirigeisha: *kneels in traditional form by traditional lacquered table* *is three hours into extra-long-form tea ritual* *is still at least half-an-hour away from actually pouring the tea*

    Tainted drowolath: *sits opposite Chirigeisha, literally bored to tears*

    Drowolath’s seed: *peeps out of drowolath’s left nostril, tries to sneak off to somewhere less boring*

    Chirigeisha: *holds out ornate sealing stone* *seals seed* *carries on with ritual*

    Meanwhile, in another room in the Kyorl’geishanurn house…

    All Kiel’s princes and princesses, and Baliir: *sip tea politely*

    Kiel’ndia and Kuso: *lie passed out from boredom, their seeds fled*

    Naal’suul: *holds Kuso’s seed with chopsticks, nibbles politely*

    Geishahid: *has Kiel’s seed trapped in teapot* :-) Your demon-taint is so well behaved, Baliir-san.

    Baliir: *polite nod* Hai, Anah-sama.