Another character of Darkvolt’s mighty collection, for fun.

Daenar concept art in progress.
And Mullet’s concept art in progress(not dt)

Diva concept art for chapter 55

And Sillice concept art too!

That leave two non cameo characters for the smaller chapter of the two, but neither characters needs redesigning i think.


3 Responses to Diva fightwear is her dead friend’s pajamas

  1. Dalvyserran says:

    I’d say Sil’lice 3 looks neat, and Diva 1 looks unique

  2. Thrair says:

    My thoughts…
    -Number one looks DAMNED regal. As you go from left to right, the regal gives way to something more relaxed and down-to-earth. All good. But you know me, I like my favourite character lookin’ like the royalty she was. :)
    -I don’t know if it’s the posture or what, but it looks both the most regal and weary. Like she’s resigned herself to dying, but wants to look like a true Sharen when she does. While 2 looks like any other soldier, and three looks like she’s strung-out and still raging at the world.

  3. junglefowl26 says:

    Diiiiiiva! Yay!
    Hard to pick though…1 is the most regal, 2 looks nice and comfy, three – well, I like Diva to keep her style, and I love the whole wave/swirly cloud look, but the pink and green clash I think, 4 – ponchos and baggy pants are cool, but again there is a color clash I think.

    Ok, I think I got it now – order of preference: 3, 1, 4, 2.